Sunday, 17 February 2008

Slowly...VOL2 Issue 1

Magazine is done, after a fashion. VOL (little) 2, Issue 1. The printer finally got the machine working and has slowly fed us with editions...we have to bind the magazine, so please be patient (we made a judgement error on the width of our spine). I am really happy, can't quite believe we have done it. I must take my hat off to Michael and Erwin. They carried on binding even when I was upstairs at the curators talk taking the credit. The magazine is getting a lot of oohs and aahs.

Next job is to finish the binding and get the publication out. I have already started thinking of the next project...the gallery show is over now so the binding will probably move to my studio.

A strange thing happened in the gallery yesterday at the evening event, we had the one copy of the finished magazine on display, a queue slowly formed to look at it, and before you knew it people wanted a copy each! So we created a mailing list...


Cecilia said...

I whish I was there!! baci from Italy ... Cecilia

Steven said...

it was good, but busy. The real work starts with the binding!! xo