Friday, 15 February 2008

Close...but alas, no cigar

The day started with a list of jobs that had to happen. We had a slot with the printers, they were expecting us at 3pm. The editorial was completed, proofing and the final adjustments to the pages where done. After 6 hours straight we got the files ready for the printer. Bizarrely it was also the day the visitors to the gallery all wanted to talk to us after 2 days of walking on by to the tango dancing upstairs.
We got to the printers, PDFs inhand, all was cool, we stood in front of the digital press and... it stopped working. Cursed or blessed I am not sure, but the printers, Rowe, were so on the ball they promised to get the job out for us, so tomorrow another go to print, and if their engineer can't get the printer to work (Xerox 6060), then we go litho.....

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